Android Wear Vinyl Player

With the announcement of more firms getting involved in wearable tech, and specifically smart watches and Android Wear, I came up with a few concepts for apps that might make life that little bit easier.

Dribbble has spawned a number of Android Wear music player designs. The circular nature of many of the smart watch mockups is quite limiting, but lends itself to a music interface designed to mimic a vinyl record player. Playing the user’s music collection from their Android-friendly device.

Barometer App

Weather apps have long been a mainstay for user experience designers. Each design searches for a unique way to bring the same information to the user. This information isn’t extraordinary in any way, it could easily be garnered by looking out of the window. But
onward the designers press, exploring the world of possibilities for a slice of the action.

This is my contribution to this heady world of precipitation and climate. Invoking memories from my own grandparent’s hallway, where their brass-rimmed barometer once sat. With each day came a new glance at the dial, to see what kind of day lay ahead. Not that it would matter though, because my grandma was always ready for anything!